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About Dr Victoria

I am a qualified NHS GP who also works privately offering ‘evidence based’ lifestyle advice and coaching to reverse and prevent disease. This enables patients to live happier, healthier lives with more energy and longevity. I offer face to face zoom consultations over 45-60 minutes, this allows each patient to feel heard and their health concerns understood. As a result, a comprehensive plan can be created with which they can take confident steps towards a healthier future.

I am passionate about personalised health and wellbeing and have dedicated my career as a General Practitioner focusing on disease prevention and reversal through lifestyle changes and choices.

Standard medical training does not train doctors in nutrition and lifestyle or disease prevention, rather it teaches how to treat disease. Through the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine I have  obtained my Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine enabling me to give patients meaningful, personalised evidence based medical advice, so that individuals can reach their personal goals in health and well being and on improving their quality of life. Many of my patients have reversed their diabetes, or pre diabetes, regained their energy and zest for life, reduced their inflammatory gut disease (including chrohn's and ulcerative colitis). In cases of fibromyalgia they have regained their energy levels, come off steroids and gone into remission. 

I am a qualified coach as well as a menopause specialist having a particular interest in womens physical and mental health. I am interested in metabolic disorders and weight management and have great success stories with regard to long term weight loss goals, polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis. I would love to connect with you with a complimentary 10 minute call to see if I can help you on your health journey. I am currently able to provide a written plan that you can refer to at every step along the path towards your health goals.  I will advise on treatment options including medications suitable for your symptoms and based on current evidence and research. We will assess where we are after one consultation (it maybe all you require) or if preferred you will be able to book a course of sessions in order for you to get maximum benefit from our time together and to see really significant results.

I am passionate about the planet we live in and work hard at reducing my carbon footprint where possible. I study nutrition and sleep and the benefits of physical activity for specific conditions ranging from peri menopause and menopause to Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes. I advocate a plant predominate diet, but work with patients to help them create realistic changes that are achievable to reset the gut microbiome and to improve both their immunity and energy levels. Long term I hope to be able to offer prescriptions and blood tests. This is the start of my journey as The Devon Lifestyle GP,  reaching out to those who want a bit more time to be heard and understood and to help them make meaningful and rewarding changes. 


I am excited for us to be starting out on this journey together!

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